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Green Dot Systems

  We are dedicated to providing medical devices for military medics, austere rescue practitioners and EMS. Our products are unconventional in design and function and unparalleled by any other in the field. The Green Dot Systems product development process all begins with the ideas, desires and needs of military medical and austere medical practitioners. Our focus is on filling the need, and eliminating processes to minimize steps. With this “Outside the Wire” mind-set our goal is to optimize product efficiency in tactical medicine under the most adverse conditions.
   Green Dot Systems trilaterally, with our technical and manufacturing partners are continually researching and developing new and unique life saving devices and products. Our team strives to provide the highest quality and the latest technology. Not only is Green Dot Systems  committed to create products assisting those medical professionals dedicated to practice rescue medicine in the most austere environments of our world. Our products are also an asset to those emergency first responders who are saving lives right here, in our streets and neighborhoods.

Thank you for your interest.